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02/24/10 10:11 PM #1    

Michelle Watson (Floyd)

I grew up with Donna, played basketball with Donna, etc. Where Donna was, I was there also. We were inseperable for many, many years. She was my best friend! Until, I chose to go a different path in life than her or any of my other classmates. I chose to get married. What was I thinking?!?!! However, I do have a beautiful daughter out of it! July of 1984, I moved away to Jacksonville, NC to pursue my life as the wife of a Marine. I lost all contact with Donna until I got to come home every now and then. The last time I came home, my daughter was 2 months old. The first time Donna and I had seen each other in months and the last time I ever got to see Donna. 2 weeks later, Donna was in a fatal car wreck one morning on her way to school. Being that a phone was not a top priority back then, I didn't have a home phone (that's when we still used pay phones). My mom had tried to get in touch with me, but, couldn't. My neighbor, who was one of the few people in the place that I lived, who had a phone, was out of town. So, it was after Donna's funeral that I found out that she had went home to be with her Lord. Still hard to believe or accept sometimes. I just keep in mind that one day, we'll meet again. I loved her then, I love her now, I'll love her forever!!

02/26/10 10:09 AM #2    

April Abernethy (Tucker)

Michelle, thank you for sharing your story. Donna was a special friend of mine too, and had asked me to sing at her wedding. Well, I knew I wasn't good enough for that, so was very nervous. But I couldn't tell her no. She always had a way of making you smile and say yes. It is so sad that we didn't have the chance to sing and dance at her wedding... I'll never forget that cold sad morning. Love you Donna! April

02/27/10 06:35 PM #3    

Susan Poteat (McGEE)

I remember that morning as well. Edee and I passed the wreck, and Edee said it looked like Donna's car, but we weren't sure until we saw Angie Feimster racing back in her car to the scene. Michelle, in a way I am glad you didn't come to the funeral. You would not have wanted to remember Donna that way. I remember her laugh, that infectious laugh that made us all join in! That great alto voice of hers! And that spunkiness of hers! Nobody messed with her, that's for sure! Donna, it's been a long time, but you are not forgotten!

03/05/10 03:02 PM #4    

Donna Huffman (Ferber)


Like all of you, I have such great memories of Donna. Basketball in the 9th grade was probably my all time favorite year ever playing and Donna was such a special part of are team. She always seemed to have a way to make everyone on the team smile, even Mr Queen when he was in one of his moods with us. Donna you are in so many peoples hearts and I hope you know how many lives you have touched. We all miss you!!!

03/06/10 09:55 AM #5    

Gina Eckard (Elliott)

I was blessed to have shared the same birthday with Donna. We always took time on that day to find each other and wish each other a great and happy day. One year Donna brought me back seashells from the beach and said they were in honor of our birthdays. I'll never forget sitting in class at East Burke that morning when we had a short memorial for Donna and they played "Think of Laura Now" on the TV's with Donna's picture, but we were all thinking of Donna. She had a beautiful smile and a spunky spirit that I will never forget. I never drive over that stretch of highway without thinking of Donna. She'll always be missed. One day we'll have a great reunion with Donna!

04/17/10 01:21 PM #6    

Lisa Lynne Mackey (Frazier)

I remember Donna always never meeting a stranger.  She always seemed happy, especially when playing sports.  We played volleyball together at HJH.  Man, she could hit a volleyball!  We also won in intramural  horseshoes at HJH.  I am blessed that Donna's sister, Michelle,  is Kasey's daycare teacher this year at First Baptist Church Icard Child Enrichment Center.  She is a wonderful teacher and is currently fighting cancer.

09/08/10 06:09 PM #7    

Melina Woods

Donna had the greatest sense of humor.  We were always getting into trouble in Chorus.  She always brought a smile to your face no matter how you were feeling.  I remember one time when we were in Archery class, Coach Huffman left us outside to go back in the gym to get something and Paul Smith was really giving Donna a hard time. She stands up and turns to Paul and screams, "Paul Smith, eat crap and bark at the moon!!!!" The whole class cracked up and Coach Huffman just happened to come back out at that time. He just said, "Ms. Orders, please take your seat and Paul, be quiet."  You left us far too soon Donna, but you will never be forgotten!!

10/07/10 10:48 PM #8    

Jackie Tipton (Figueroa)

I am sad to just find this out,I remember her and always had a smile on her face she was always joking around

rest in peace Donna

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